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Classes starts on the 4th of February 2019

Courses you can Learn

Classes hold weekdays (Morning & Evening).

Trainees are expected to practice using class projects and giving them the opportunity to use online resources to enhance their learning.

Mentors and trainers will be available during the week on our slack channels to help provide support for class projects.


Get started as a web developer by learning the basics of HTML, the essential language of the web.


Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, the most popular programming language in web development.


GIt is a version control system for tracking changes in projects and work on those files with others


Node.JS, allows us to write server side applications using data science with your language of choice, Javascript.


Learn and practice the fundamentals of CSS to add beautiful styling to your webpages.


This course is your first step towards a new career with the Front End Web Developer Program.


This course shows you the technology on how two applications can successfully talk to each other.


MongoDB is a very popular database. This will allow you to connect all the dots necessary to make your app come to life.

Become an expert

This programme is for young aspiring software engineers. The program will help build and develop world-class developers that will build local businesses for global impact. The training entails learning the basics of programming, Data structure and modeling, Design for Web and Mobile, soft skills such as Communications, project management and productivity.

Hands on Experience

“A practical part of our teaching is to provide demonstrative, hands-on experiences.”

Students will learn different topics that will be applied on top of each other to learn best practices of being a web developer. Courses leads into a mini project. This helps students understand the subject for the day, an important step in getting real project experience.

One on One Mentoring

You will be assigned a mentor that will help guide you during your online web development courses.

Mentors know what it takes to be successful at Projaro and will share their wealth of tips and tricks at becoming a developer. Your mentor will answer any questions you might have and help gauge your understanding of the content so you can be certain you’re on a path to success.

Friendly Learning Enviroment

“Your Environment is as important as your Content”

Our Learning environment is set to help you learn better and faster, coupled with our wonderful team of co-ordinators and Trainers you are sure to get the best from us.

“Everything Changed For Me”

I will say exactly that when it comes to software development, Projaro gives all that is needed in terms of the most current development tools and a step-by-step guide in handling and building any kind of software. They break down complex ideas into smaller understandable chunks and wrap up the whole stuff into comprehensive meaningful whole.
Felix Nkem, Software Developer


A unique designed training experience that will benefit you.

Training running in the city of Abuja only!

Project Based Learning

Learn relevant skills that will expose you to solving real life problems

Increase productivity

Get a holistic self-development training that will position you for excellence.

Get opportunities

Get access to great opportunities to be gainfully employed or be your own boss.

Join a great community

Become a part of a growing tech community with peer-to-peer supports.
Our Stories
Their Experience.
” I only knew very little before I came, but in just few weeks, I have known and understood a lot. With their highly skilled, professional and friendly tutors, Projaro is a good place to learn software development.”


Intern Frontend Developer.
The SmartHub

“They break down complex ideas into smaller understandable chunks and wrap up the whole stuff into comprehensive meaningful whole.”


I.T Manager.
Springhall British School

“I had an amazing experience at Projaro Academy. I was exposed to a lot of programming skills, the activities were both interesting and challenging, it helped further my knowledge and interest in software Development.”

Tracey Chinedu 

Morning Sessions

Mondays - Fridays (10am - 1pm)
What ever time suits your learning ability and lifestyle we have you in mind.

Evening Sessions

Mondays - Fridays (2pm - 5pm)
May be the early hours is not convenient for you, then we have prepared this time for you.

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We are an Abuja-based skills accelerator focus on training and empowering young people to become world-class software engineers and designers.

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