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The Full Stack Developers Road Map

Program Details
Get started, Learning process, Courses, Fees and duration

What You Learn

Morning Session:
Mondays – Fridays
Time: 10pm-1pm

Evening Session:
Mondays – Fridays
2pm – 5pm

Mentors and trainers will be available during the week on slack channels to help provide support for class projects.


Morning Sessions

Mondays - Fridays (10am - 1pm)
What ever time suits your learning ability and lifestyle we have you in mind.

Evening Sessions

Mondays - Fridays (2pm - 5pm)
May be the early hours is not convenient for you, then we have prepared this time for you.

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We are an Abuja-based skills accelerator focus on training and empowering young people to become world-class software engineers and designers.

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